Saturday, February 20, 2021

Feb 21st-27th

 Great racing everyone, it was an exciting day! You raced your hearts out today and it showed. It was slow cold snow but that didn't stop you guys from zooming by us. 

So this week we will be skating if the weather does what it says 🤞. We will be focusing on sprints this week during practice to get everyone prepared for this coming weekend.

Below the schedule are some photos from the race.

Tuesday Feb 23rd :

Yellow: Practice is from 4:30-6pm, you will be skate skiing. Don’t forget your poles!

Orange: Practice is 4:30-6pm and you are skate skiing

Purple: Practice is 4:30-6pm. Meet in the stadium at 4:30 and you will finish in the stadium at 6pm. You are skating.

Second Year Purple: You are joining green today for the ski part but not the sports psychology part. You are skate skiing from 4:30-6pm

Green: Practice is 4:30-6pm. Half of your practice is going to be in the race office for sports psychology and the other half you will be skate skiing.


Wednesday Feb 24th:

Purple and Green: Practice is from 4:30-6pm and you are skate skiing. We will do a really good warm up to prep for sprints. We will meet in the stadium at 5pm if you are late. Purple can you meet us at the Chalet for 4:30pm

Thursday Feb 25th:

Orange: Practice is 4:30-6pm and you are skate skiing. Meet in the stadium next to the race office.

Purple: Practice is 4:30-6pm. You are skate skiing.

Green: Practice is 4:30-6pm and you are skate skiing.


Saturday Feb 27th:

Yellow Orange Purple and Green: It’s the second race of the Yukon Champs, it’s sprints time!!!! I will send out an email Friday afternoon with the info for the race on Saturday. It’s going to be a really fun race because everyone gets to do multiple sprints.