Monday, October 14, 2019

This week....

A few unknowns about what the weather will bring so please come prepared this week.   Meet at the wax room.   Skiing is coming so get yourself ready.  A reminder that lockers for green/purple will be available tomorrow.

Tuesday:  4:30-6:00
YELLOW, ORANGE, PURPLE: come ready to run (might be in snow).  Dress in layers and make sure you have hat/ mitts

GREEN:  come with rock skate skis/ boots/ skate poles/ hats/mitts/ ski clothes AND running shoes (in case we run instead)

Wednesday: 5:30-6:30  PURPLE and GREEN come with rock skate skis/ boots/ skate poles/ hats/mitts/ ski clothes AND running shoes (in case we run instead)    

Thursday: 4:30-6:00 PURPLE and GREEN  come with rock skate skis/ boots/ skate poles/ hats/mitts/ ski clothes AND running shoes (in case we run instead)   

Saturday: 11-12:30 EVERYONE  if weather forecast is correct most likely a running event.  Details will be sent later in the week.

Monday, October 7, 2019

First Week of Snow!!

It's begun... I hope you had fun enjoying the new snow.  Forecast looks like it will melt,  but it's good to get us all into winter mode and ready for skiing.

Thank you to Yukon Orienteering's Afan, Colin, Bryn, Brian, and Caelan for a great event for the squads on Saturday!

TUESDAY: Due to the marginal conditions, we are moving inside for Tuesday's session.
GREEN  AND PURPLE   bring your shorts, t shirts and INSIDE running shoes.
Meet at the wax room for 4:30 and we will go to the CGC together.

 PURPLE be ready to run.  Bring light jacket/ gloves and hat.

1st year greenies: be ready to run
2nd year greenies; be ready to run AND bring your ski boots for activity with blue squad

Saturday:  NO SQUAD.

Upcoming Next Week:

Tuesday Oct 15th:  ALL SQUADS are starting Tuesday Session!

Wednesday 16th:  Wed sessions are starting from 5:30-6:30

Thursday Oct 17th:  Upon reflection, we decided to postpone orange squad  Thursday practices until November.   We will let you get use to 2 sessions a week and then bump you up to three once on snow!

Saturday Oct 19th:  Snowdance Run/Challenge 11:00-12:30 (more details out next week)

Saturday Oct 26th:  Orange Squad  Camp 11:00- 3:00.  Get to know you kick off camp!

Monday, September 30, 2019


Lots of thanks to pass on....

To Mark, Jan, Joseph, Jeff and Dom, thank you for spending Friday night with purple squad at the overnight camp at Harvey's Hut.  Your time and positive energy is so appreciated.

To those who came out on Saturday for the CCY Family Work Party,  I want to thank all of you!  What an impressive example how many hands, of all sizes, can make a difference in a short period of time.  The way you all generously spent time making the stadium and trails smooth and ready for snow makes our community better.   THANK YOU.  There is a left over MEC jacket (size 10) if you are missing yours.

Tuesday:  Purple and Green make sure you bring a light jacket for end of practice as organizers will come to the stadium at 5:45 and chat about the orienteering event on Saturday

Purple kids (8) who signed up for Thursdays it starts Oct 3!  Please bring your SKI BOOTS, GLOVES and HELMET.   This practice will be an exposure to roller skiing!!  Meet at chalet

Green:  Rollerskiing.  Meet at container.

Saturday:  Orienteering event for all squads.
Before 11:00, please be in the wax room ready for O-games, races and all squad challenges.

** parents please note.  Orienteering has made a great event that will last until about 1:00.  If you need to pick your child up at 12:30, please do so in the stadium

Monday, September 23, 2019


Great running last weekend!  Thank you Athletics Yukon for putting on a wonderful event.
THANK YOU Green Squad coaches GERARD, ROSS and JEN for a great camp this past weekend!  See photos on your link above. 

TUESDAY:  Green, Purple 
4:30-6:00 Meet at the wax room ready to run

WEDNESDAY: Green Squad please indicate by today if you are interested in trip to Westerns.  

Rollerski/ Run Duathlon
Bit of a change to this Duathlon as it will be Pursuit format.   Blue Squaders will be starting minutes behind trying to catch up.   The course will be the same as green squad did this past spring. 

Details and Packing list on the purple squad page above. 

Parents, siblings, athletes and friends
It will be focused in the areas where we will make snow so you can 
get out skiing as soon as possible!
*bring work gloves and any racks, wheelbarrows, pruning gear, gas weedwhackers. chain saws, hand saws you might have.

Meet at the Race Office in the Ski Stadium 

Snacks and Refreshments served to thank you for all the time

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Saturday Practice

Arrive 10:45 at wax room for Yukon Athletics Run.
See your coach for race stickers.

Races will start soon after 11:00 and be done early, so you will pod up with your squad after race  for some cheering and adventuring out on the trails.   12:30 all will be back to chalet.

1) if you can't come to camp, please let me know so we can change the rental vehicles tomorrow.

2)  10:30 drop off your duffle in the trailer in the CGC parking lot.  We will distribute and pack roller skis into the trailer at 12:30

3) TENTS:  please make sure you have talked to your teammates to make sure that 4 tents are coming  (3-4 person).

4) Packing list on Green Squad page above.

Heckle Hill Results today.  Great work Greenies pushing hard up that hill!

Heckle Hill Run
Sept. 19, 2019

Derek 13:11
Victor 14:21
Sasha 14:24
Scott 15:30
Romeo 15:34
Simon 15:36
Felix 16:02
Curtis 16:11
Daniel 16:13
Noah 16:47
Cole 17:09
Alain 17:10
Antoine 17:21
Izzy 17:24
Kate 17:40
Constance 18:01
Sophia 18:10
Jonah 18:22
Maude 18:36
Jan 18:50
Sonjaa 19:32
Bella 19:40
Abbey 19:48
Cheyenne 20:25
Tess 22:25
Kahlia 22:29
Sadie 22:39

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Hope you had a fun first week of squad.  We sure did!

GREEN:  please check out your "green squad" link above for all the info for your rollerski camp on Saturday.   Your fantastic coaches are making great things happen.

YELLOW and ORANGE:  a reminder that you are only Saturdays now until after Thanksgiving.
Tuesday:   Purple/ Green 
4:30 meet at the WAXROOM

Wednesday:  By tonight, everyone please let me know if you are NOT coming to Yukon Athletics Running Champs.  CLICK HERE

Thursday:  Thursday Green Squad kids meet at gazebo across from the icy waters road.
NOTE CHANGE IN TIME:   4:00  be there ready to run the Heckell Hill test.  Pick up same place at 5:45

Saturday: Yellow/Orange/Purple and Green meet at wax room at 11:00 ready to run.

FEMALE                              MALE

5 & under                    0.5k                                                                 0.5k

8 & under                    1.0k                                                                 1.0k

9 – 11                          2.0k                                                                 2.0k

U14                             3.0k                                                                 3.0k

U16                             4.0k                                                                 5.0k

U18                             5.0k                                                                 6.0k

U20                             7.0k                                                                 8.0k

20-34                           8.0k                                                                 8.0k


35-39                           8.0k                                                                 8.0k

40-44                           7.0k                                                                 8.0k

45-49                           7.0k                                                                 8.0k

50-54                           6.0k                                                                 7.0k

55-59                           6.0k                                                                 7.0k

60-64                           5.0k                                                                 6.0k

65-69                           5.0k                                                                 6.0k

70-74                           4.0k                                                                 5.0k

Friday, September 6, 2019


Getting Excited ?!

Please come wearing running shoes, active wear, extra layer for on top if needed for the end of practice.

4:20 Meet at the WAXROOM for sign in  (parents to sign waivers for events)
4:30 Practice Starts
5:45 VeloNorth will talk to squad in stadium about Cyclocross
5:50 PARENT meeting in GREY MT ROOM 
6:10 Purple and Orange parents can go downstairs for equipment advice/Coast Mt sales (30% off).  Green Squad parents go collect their kids
6:10-6:30  NEW PARENT ORIENTATION... everything you need to know about squad.
6:30 all kids will be brought up from stadium after having a snack and games with blue squaders.
6:30-7:15  Coast Mt Sport Equipment sales continue in wax room

Phew... what a way to get it all in on day one!

Remember to tell me on the race sign up to the left if you are NOT going to come to cyclocross on Saturday otherwise all will be signed up for this awesome event.

Equipment link to the right has info re requirements and sizing.