Sunday, October 25, 2020

Oct 25th-31st

 Exciting times!!! The temperature is dropping, snow is coming and soon we can ski!!! With it getting colder make sure you are dressing appropriately! Layers, hat, mitts and buff.

*We are now meeting outside of the waxroom for each practice!*

Tuesday Oct 27th:

Green and Purple we still are dryland training. Before you head out for practice you are getting a tour of the waxroom and how it's going to work for the season so please remember a mask or buff, need to cover that mouth and nose! Meet outside the waxroom at 4:30pm and finish there at 6pm.

Thursday Oct 29th:

Green and Purple, you will be pre-running the racecourse for Saturday. Meet outside the waxroom at 4:30pm

Saturday Oct 31st:

Halloween!!!!🎃Meet outside the waxroom at 11am for some Halloween adventures. We will have some hot chocolate and treats in the skills park before heading back down to the waxroom for 12:30pm

*Costumes are encouraged but you have to be able to run, stay warm and not overheat in them.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Oct 18th - 24th


Hi Everyone

Well, the weather is getting colder and colder but no snow yet. Practices are held outside and we don't have the option to warm up inside the wax room this year so it is very important that you come dressed appropriately!! Layers are our friends, hats, buffs and mitts keep us warm!!!

Tuesday Oct 20th:

Green and Purple you both have dryland training. Meet in the stadium at 4:30 and practice is done at 6pm. Remember to dress appropriately!

Thursday Oct 22nd:

Green, roller skiing is done for the season so instead, we will keep up with technique and practice our ski bounding. * Green if you rented roller skis please make sure to bring them back and take your boots, helmet and poles home.*

Purple, you still have dryland until we have enough snow.

Both Squads meet in the stadium at 4:30pm and practice is over at 6pm

Saturday Oct 24th

Yellow, Orange and Purple you will have dryland training in the stadium from 11am-12:30pm

Green, you are meeting at College and running back to the stadium. Meet in the far corner of the parking lot near the apartment buildings at 11am and be back at the stadium for 12:30pm

Monday, October 12, 2020

Oct 11th-17th

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got out and enjoyed the weekend! This Saturday we have a fun event for all Squads!

Tuesday Oct 13th:

Green and Purple both have dryland training from 4:30-6pm. Meet in the stadium with your running shoes, jacket, mitts, hat and water

Thursday Oct 15th:

Green you are roller skiing from 4:30pm-6pm, meeting at the roller ski sea can. Don't forget your boots, helmet and a bright jacket.

Purple, you have dryland training from 4:30pm-6pm. You will be meeting in the stadium and remember to bring running shoes, mitts, a hat, jacket and water!

Saturday Oct 17th:

All Squads!
Meet in the stadium just before 11am and we will finish in the stadium at 12:30pm
Mixing it up a bit this practice, instead of using our own two feet to move we are going to use to wheels! The Yukon Cycle Association is putting on a special event for Squad this Saturday. All you need to do is bring a bike (preferably mountain), helmet, jacket and water! We will be meeting in the stadium and then heading off to different stations to learn new skills.

*Make sure to print off the waiver, sign it and bring it to practice!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Oct 4th-Oct 10th

 October 4th-October 10th

Hope everyone enjoyed the orienteering yesterday and learned something new! This week is calmer than last week due to the long weekend coming up.

Tuesday October 6th:

Green and Purple both have dryland training. Meet in the stadium at 4:30 pm ready to run!

Thursday October 8th:

Green: You guys are roller skiing. Meet at the stadium ready to go at 4:30pm

Purple: You guys have dryland training. Be ready to run at 4:30pm. See you at the stadium

Saturday October 10th:

NO PRACTICE! Enjoy the long weekend! 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

September 27th-October 3rd

  A huge thank you to everyone for helping clean up the trails, stadium, Jack Rabbit Hut and Race Office. Everything looks amazing and now we are in good shape for when the snow arrives this week. Also, there were a few things left behind from the past few practices, I've put them in the roller ski can for safekeeping. Can you please grab your forgotten item at your next practice, thanks!

For practice this week we have a few events! 

Tuesday September 29th:
Green and Purple both have dryland training. Meet in the stadium for 4:30pm

Thursday October 1st🎃:
Green and Blue are doing the full Duathlon and Purple are doing half. Check your squad page for more details!

Saturday October 3rd: Meet at Wax Room!
All Squads will be orienteering! The practice has been lengthed by 30 minutes because there is a lot to cover! If your child needs to leave at the regular 12:30pm that okay because we will be in the stadium around that time.

Monday, September 21, 2020

 Squad this Week!

September 20th-26th

Hi Everyone 

Another Week and more things happening, here is the general schedule and for more info please go to your squad page.


Green: Dryland training from 4:30pm-6pm, meet in Stadium

Purple: Dryland training from 4:30pm-6pm, meet in Stadium

Yellow and Orange: Squad Night 4pm-6pm in Wax room

Purple, Green and Blue: Squad Night 6pm-8pm in Wax room


Green: Roller Skiing from 4:30pm-6pm, meet at Sea Cans

Purple: Dryland training from 4:30pm-6pm, meet in Stadium


Purple: Camp Fire cookout! 5pm- 8pm. Bring an extra jacket for around the campfire


All Squads Work Party!

From 11am-12:30pm we are cleaning up the trails and stadium. Make sure to bring work gloves, a rack or shovel and ready to work!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Busy Week!

 Hi Everyone 

It's a busy week for Squads, Green has their camp and Purple, Orange and Yellow start this week!

Tuesday Sept 15th:

Green and Blue: Haeckel Hill run, meet at the Gazebo where Copperhaul Rd. and Fish Lake rd meet at 4:20. There will be a warm-up then the run and you will be back at the Gazebo by 6pm for pick up

Purple: 4:30-6pm, first dryland session of the season, meet in the Stadium and don't forget a water bottle and jacket.

Wednesday Sept 16th:

Orange: Squad parents meeting in the wax room at 6pm

Thursday Sept 17th:

Green: Roller skiing 4:30-6pm, meet at the roller ski locker and don't forget your boots and helmet

Purple: 4:30-6pm, meet in the stadium and don't forget a water bottle and jacket

Yellow: Squad parents meeting in the wax room at 6pm

Saturday Sept 19th:

Green: Roller ski camp, check Green page for more details

Purple: 11-12:30pm, meet in the stadium ready to run

Orange: 11-12:30pm, meet in stadium ready to run

Yellow: 11-12:30pm, meet in stadium ready to run

Up Coming Events:

Sept 22nd: Squad Night

Sept 25th: Purple Camp Fire

Sept 26th: Work Party