Monday, December 9, 2019


Skate ski 4:30-5:45

5:45 🎄🎅
Meet upstairs in Grey Mt Room for the CCY Family Christmas Party.
A night free from cooking for you as well as a time to gather to thank coaches and snowmaking sponsors.       Bring some nut free treats if you are able.

** AWG trial map/distances to be distributed by email.

CLASSIC SKI 5:30-6:30

CLASSIC SKI 4:30-6:00

Classic Ski.  We will try today to classic with everyone! 
Reminder to watch the video link on the right side of the blog if you need any waxing reminders.

11-12:30 Squad Practice
12:30 Start for AWG trials


Tuesday Dec 17th:  6:30 NightSpeed race.  More info to follow from race organizers

Wednesday Dec 18th 5:30-6:30 Diva Downhills with Natalie Hynes and other female racers.
(open to any Wednesday girls as well as any green, blue squad females who want to come)

Saturday Dec 21: Don Sumanik Skate Race Festival for ages 6+

Sunday Dec 22:  Don Sumanik Classic Race for 12 years + (and any 11 year olds who want to "race up" a category)

More details re: Don Sumaniks to be released by organizers this week.  In the meantime, please note that there will be a request coming for more Don Sumanik volunteers.

12 Days of Christmas Challenge:  How many times can you get out skiing this Christmas?
Between Dec 23 and January 5th participate in the CCY ski challenge.  Full instructions posted next week.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Happy December!

First week in December and we still haven't classic skied!   Be ready in case a random snow hits us.

Skate ski

** There is race happening after squad which would be fun to stick around for. Invite your family and friends!
Nightspeed is an independently organized race series. Each race will feature a unique course and format, a different organizer, and a new way to challenge yourself! Races will offer options intended to make racing fun and inclusive for everyone. Each race is $10 (or $40 for all 6 races). Registration happens right before the race at Mount Mac. Pay by cash or credit card.

Race 1: Tuesday, December 3
Stadium Sprint
Technique: Skate
Organized by Matthias Purdon and Colin Abbott.

No qualifier, everyone gets to race 3 heats of 1km. This will be an all-ages mixed sprint.

There will be tunes in the stadium and snacks after!

Registration and bib pickup is between 5:45 and 6:15pm. First heat starts at 6:30pm.

Stay tuned for the next race in the series on December 17th!

Skate ski 5:30-6:30
Speed in the stadium at 6:00

Skate ski

Saturday: 11:00-12:30
Skate (unless we get some snow!)
Race activities based on snow.  Details later in the week