Nov 8th- 14th

Time to scrap the storage wax off those skate skis!

Tuesday November 10th 4:30pm-6pm
You will be skate skiing today

*You are not allowed in the wax room before 4:20pm to get ready and remember your face coverage!

Wednesday November 11th 4:30pm-6pm
No practice due to Remembrance day. Have a great day off

Thursday November 12th 4:30pm-6pm
Skate skiing today, come prepared!

*Don't go into the waxroom before 4:20pm to get ready for practice and remember your face coverage!

Saturday November 14th 11:05am-12:35pm
You are going for a skate ski and will be practicing the technique you guys worked on this week.

*Remember you are not allowed in the waxroom until 10:55am and you need face coverage