Oct 25th - Oct 31st

Please remember to dress appropriately for the temperatures, layer, layers and layers!

Tuesday October 27th 4:30pm-6pm
Dryland training, meet outside the wax room for 4:30pm
Ben from the ski base will also be giving us a quick tour of how the wax room will work for the season before we go for a warm-up burn. *Please remember face-covering!!!!!! It can be a mask or buff, just needs to cover your mouth and nose.

Thursday October 29th 4:30pm-6pm
You will be pre-running your Halloween racecourse. Meet outside the waxroom for 4:30pm

Saturday October 31st  11am-12:30pm
Halloween running race!! Meet outside the waxroom at 11am for a warmup with your coaches before the race. We will finish in the skills park with some hot chocolate and treats.

*Wear a costume that you can move and stay warm in.