Sunday, February 16, 2020

Warmer Temperatures Are Coming!

4:30-6:00 skate ski
7:00 Night Speed for those interested.  Hosted by WCCSC.  (see info at bottom)

Let me know by 12 noon if you are NOT coming to Yukon Championships on Saturday

5:30-6:30   skate ski and speed/downhills

5:15-6:30   race officials need the AWG team in stadium so officials can learn/practice sprint starts and finishes.

Skate ski

Friday:  by 12 noon let me know if you are NOT going to participate in the Yukon Ski Marathon (Saturday Feb 29th)
10 km mass start for all squad kids starting at 12 noon.

** Parents can ski with their U12 child !
** This is a parent led event.  Coaches will not be available to support warm up as many will be racing at an earlier start time


Saturday:  Yukon Championships
11:45 start time.
Skate Race

Age Group
Race Format
Distance/ Laps
U8 Boy/Girl
Mass Start
700 m (500m +200m)
U10 Boy Girl
Mass Start
700 m (500m +200m)
U12 Boy/Girl
Mass Start
1.2 km (2 x 500m +200m)
U14 Boy/Girl
Mass Start
2.5 km (1 x 2.75 km)
U16 Boy/Girl
Mass Start
5.5 km (2 x 2.75 km)
U18 Boy/Girl
Mass Start
8.25 km (3 x 2.75 km)
Seniors Men/Women
Mass Start
8.25 km (3 x 2.75 km)
Masters Men/Women
Mass Start
8.25 km (3 x 2.75 km)

The final nightspeed race of the year is on for next Tuesday, February 18th!

Race 5: Sarah Steele Candy Run
Technique: Freestyle (classic or skate)
Organized by Brian Horton and Junior Development Program (JDP) coaches

This is a freestyle race on narrow trails, make sure to bring a headlamp! Kids will do a loop of BEA, getting a cup of marshmallows at the bum tree. We will start them at the junction of BEA so there is no getting lost. They get 10 seconds off per marshmallow successfully returned to SS hut.

Adults will ski to the gazebo. Start will be a bit down 7.5 to give space for people to spread out. They may pick their own route, but must go counter clockwise. At the gazebo, they get marshmallows, but no cup (may only carry outside their clothes). 5 seconds off per marshmallow.

We will have a fire, hot dogs, chips, veggies and hot chocolate at the finish.

Registration and bib pickup is between 5:45 and 6:15pm. Start at 7pm.

Nightspeed is an independently organized race series. Each race features a unique course and format, a different organizer, and a new way to challenge yourself! Races offer options intended to make racing fun and inclusive for everyone. Each race is $10 (or $40 for all 6 races). Registration happens right before the race at Mount Mac. Pay by cash or credit card.

Monday, February 10, 2020


Who's excited about this winter wonderland?!?

We are going to celebrate this snow with a fun sprint event in the stadium area.
At 6:00 we will come to chalet for sandwiches provided by our great sponsor Tim Horton's !   🎉 
Be ready to SKATE ski at 4:30

Please let me know by 12:00 noon if you are NOT coming to Mt Lorne on Saturday

5:30-6:00 practice.   Technique based on conditions.

Ski in classic

Saturday:  Mt Lorne Loppet
1:00 start for adults
Kids races will begin after  (guessing all will have started by 1:45  ish ??)


Feb 18th:  Night Race / CCY board meeting ** note that squads will have choice to return at 5:45 to register or stay with some coaches until 6:00
Feb 22nd:  Yukon Championships
Feb 29th:  Yukon Ski Marathon  (I will register all interested in the 10 km.  You can ski along with your kids who are under 12 )
March 3:  Downhill Dash
March 7th:  NO SQUAD.  Gives chance for families/coaches to sign up for Buckwheat Classic
March 14th-30th- spring break.  NO SQUAD