At this point we have 4 athletes NOT coming.  Please click HERE now, to let me know if you are NOT coming to camp next Saturday.

Sept 21-22, 2019
Where: Dezadeash Campground

Schedule: We will leave from roller ski container at 1:00 pm on Sat Sept 21nd. We will do the ruling race first in the morning.  BRING ALL YOUR GEAR TO THE ROLLERSKI CONTAINER by 11:00 and THEN HEAD TO CHALET FOR THE RACE.  . Our goal is to be back at the rollerski container at 3:00 pm on Sunday Sept 22nd

Personal Gear List: 
Here is the gear each of you will have to bring.  MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS LABELLED WELL!

o   1 very good sleeping bag or 2 sleeping bags…it could be cold  
o  TENT:  organize among yourselves to have 4 tents (will have 3-4 in each).  NEED 4 (3-4 person) tents so organize among yourselves. 
o  Back pack for day hiking.
o  Shorts and t shirt
Whistle and watch
o  Running Shoes 
o  Light jacket with wind protection at top of Mt. if hiking
o  Winter jacket for around camp
o  Water bottle (and holder or camel back for rollerskiing)
o  Toiletries bag, with tooth brush, contacts, etc
o  A set of long sleeved, non-cotton clothing for jogging and hiking
o  Sunglasses in an unbreakable case

o  1 extra non cotton shirt
1 extra pair pants
o  Warm toque and mitts for around camp
o  1 sweatshirt/ fleece jacket
o  Bug dope
o  Camp shoes/boots
o  Ball cap/ sun hat
o  rain pants/ rain jacket

o  Toque, mitts and buff (neck warmer) for on top of mt if hiking 
2 pairs socks to roller ski in and one set of socks to run in
1 garbage bag each for wet gear
ziplock with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
o  Long underwear
o  Warm sleeping clothes
o  Non breakable Cup, fork, knife, spoon, plate and bowl
o  Neon shirt or vest. (remember its cold so shirt needs to go over long sleeves, skate poles, helmet, ski boots, gloves (knee pads optional)
Feel free to bring a few other items such as a camera, book  or a fun game to play
** please have all your  roller skiing gear in a daypack  (neon shirt or vest, gloves, helmet, boots, gloves in backpack) and have water bottle and lunch with you to eat in van before you ski.  Change clothes for afterwards.     
A water bottle that you can wear around your waist or in camelback! 

Schedule:  (may change due to weather)

10:45 drop off duffel in Roller Ski Container 

11-12:30 Athletics Yukon Running Championships (wax room) 

1:00 leave with vans and trailer for camp

3:30 rollerski with speed/agility and technique.

Sunday (2 options based on weather)…coaches will decide
a) morning rollerski/ pack up and lunch and leave Dezadeash at 1:00 
b) pack up, go hike Kings Throne and leave at 1:00 

3:15 pick up at rollerski container

Each person will bring his or her own lunch and snacks for Saturday .   
Healthy, nutritious food please as you will be needing lots of energy for the 2 days.

A communal dinner, breakfast and Sunday lunch will be provided.  Athletes will be helping with preparation and clean up.

Additional Info
Coaches will be bringing first aid kit, sat phone and bear spray (along with communal camp gear for cooking, water, etc…) 

ATHLETES  who have medical concerns must bring their own medicine/equipment  (ie: athletes who have asthma must bring their own inhalers, those who have allergies must bring their own epi-pens).  
Please contact Amanda with any questions. 332-4734