Sunday, February 14, 2021

Feb 14th-20th

爛That we have a normal week of practice and no cold cancellations! It is forecasted to be cold on Tuesday but warming up after that, this polar vortex needs to move her butt. This Saturday is also the first of two races for Yukon Champs 

Tuesday Feb 16th :

Yellow: Hopefully it’s warm enough to finally have a practice!! We will be classic skiing because of how cold it has been and still is. Practice is 4:30-6pm

Orange: Practice is 4:30-6pm. You are classic skiing as well. Make sure to be respectful of the other groups in the stadium.

Purple: Practice is 4:30-6pm. Meet in the stadium at 4:30 and you will finish in the stadium at 6pm. You are classic.

Green and Second year Purple: Those who didn’t get sized on Saturday will come to the race office for a quick sizing and then off to the rest of your practice. You will be classic skiing. Practice is 4:30-6pm


Wednesday Feb 17th:

Purple and Green: Practice is from 4:30-6pm, hopefully what the weather app says is true!! Let’s plan for skating but if it doesn’t warm-up, I’ll send out an email about a change in technique.

*6-8pm Equipment order night for Blue, Green and second-year purple in the Grey Mountain Room*

Thursday Feb 18th:

Orange: Practice is 4:30-6pm and you are skate skiing. Meet in the stadium next to the race office.

Purple: Practice is 4:30-6pm. You are skate skiing.

Green: Practice is 4:30-6pm and you are skate skiing


Saturday Feb 20th:

Yellow, Orange and Purple: Today is Yukon Champs Long, it will be a skate race. I will send out an email Thursday evening or Friday with the info but it is pretty much the same as the previous races.

 Green: You are racing a 5k in free technique (skate). I will send an email with more details later this week.