Sunday, November 15, 2020

Nov 15th-21st

 Just a few housekeeping notes to start off. All squads have to remember trail etiquette during practice and outside. The club has a lot of new members this year who are not as experienced as you guys and they might have a harder time getting out of the way. Some things to remember during practice are when your group stops to step off to the side of the trail, don't stand in the middle or take up the whole trail. If you catch up to a skier you step out of the track and go around them. When we are skiing stay in the right track. We want everyone to have an enjoyable ski when they go out.

Next don't forget to fill in if your child is racing in the Don Sumaiks. Go to the Race and Event sign up page and put either a Yes or No by their no please and thank you. The organizers need to know numbers so they can plan the right amount of volunteers so we don't go over the allowed number of people at an event.

Tuesday Nov 17th:

Yellow and Orange: Practice is 4:30-6pm. Meet in the stadium near the Race Office. You are Classic skiing. No Poles!

Green: Practice is 4:20-5:50pm. You are Classic skiing. Remember that you can go into the chalet at 4:10pm and no earlier!

Purple: Practice is 4:30-6pm. You are also Classic skiing. You can go into the wax room at 4:20pm to get ready and not earlier!


Wednesday Nov 18th:

Purple and Green: The Wednesday practices are finally starting!!!!! Practice is from 4:30-6pm meet outside the wax room. You will be classic skiing. Also if you are late the group will always meet in front of the chalet at 5pm so you can go do your own warm-up if you miss the group, also you can adjust your layers then if needed.


Thursday Nov 19th:

Orange: Practice is 4:30-6pm and you are classic skiing. Meet in the stadium next to the race office.

Purple: Practice is 4:30-6pm. You are classic sking today and don’t go into the wax room before 4:20pm

Green: Practice is 4:20-5:50pm and you are classic skiing. You can go into the wax room at 4:10pm to get ready.


Saturday Nov 21st:

Yellow and Orange: You are meeting in the stadium for 11am and finished at 12:30pm. You are classic skiing and don’t need your poles.

Purple: Today you are classic skiing and practice is 11:05-12:35pm. You can go into the wax room at 10:55am to prep your skis.

Green: You are classic skiing today. Your practice is 10:55-12:25pm. You can go into the wax room at 10:45am to prep your skis