Sunday, November 1, 2020

Nov 1st- 7th

 Hope everyone had a great Halloween and great job yesterday. I went for a run to pick up all the markers and scavenger hunt pictures and it was tough running! I'm pretty sure you can all guess by now that running is over and it's time to get those skis out of storage and ready to glide.

Just a reminder for everyone that we can no longer hang out in the wax room this season. You can go in 10 minutes before your practice to prep skis and change, then it's outside for you. Don't forget you face coverage!

Tuesday Nov 3rd: *We are staggering start times now

The lockers are being labelled Monday night so you can drop off your gear off after that.

Green: We are going to Classic ski today. The practice is from 4:20pm-5:50pm. Green you are allowed to go into the wax room and prep your skis at 4:10pm and have to be out by 4:20pm

Purple: You are Classic skiing and you start at 4:30pm to 6pm. Purple you are allowed to go in at 4:20pm to prep your skis.

Thursday Nov 5th: 

Green: Classic skiing, start time is 4:20pm and finish at 5:50pm. Please don't go into the wax room until 4:10pm to get ready.

Purple: Classic skiing, start time at 4:30pm and finish at 6pm. Please don't go into the wax room until 4:20pm to get ready.

Saturday Nov 7th:

Every one is classic skiing today. 

Yellow and Orange your gear storage will be in heated sea cans by the stadium. Orange and Yellow will have separate sea cans but the code will be the same for each door. Your practice time is from 11am-12:30pm

Green you start at 10:55am and finish at 12:25pm

Purple you start at 11:05am and finish at 12:35pm