Monday, October 12, 2020

Oct 11th-17th

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got out and enjoyed the weekend! This Saturday we have a fun event for all Squads!

Tuesday Oct 13th:

Green and Purple both have dryland training from 4:30-6pm. Meet in the stadium with your running shoes, jacket, mitts, hat and water

Thursday Oct 15th:

Green you are roller skiing from 4:30pm-6pm, meeting at the roller ski sea can. Don't forget your boots, helmet and a bright jacket.

Purple, you have dryland training from 4:30pm-6pm. You will be meeting in the stadium and remember to bring running shoes, mitts, a hat, jacket and water!

Saturday Oct 17th:

All Squads!
Meet in the stadium just before 11am and we will finish in the stadium at 12:30pm
Mixing it up a bit this practice, instead of using our own two feet to move we are going to use to wheels! The Yukon Cycle Association is putting on a special event for Squad this Saturday. All you need to do is bring a bike (preferably mountain), helmet, jacket and water! We will be meeting in the stadium and then heading off to different stations to learn new skills.

*Make sure to print off the waiver, sign it and bring it to practice!