Monday, October 7, 2019

First Week of Snow!!

It's begun... I hope you had fun enjoying the new snow.  Forecast looks like it will melt,  but it's good to get us all into winter mode and ready for skiing.

Thank you to Yukon Orienteering's Afan, Colin, Bryn, Brian, and Caelan for a great event for the squads on Saturday!

TUESDAY: Due to the marginal conditions, we are moving inside for Tuesday's session.
GREEN  AND PURPLE   bring your shorts, t shirts and INSIDE running shoes.
Meet at the wax room for 4:30 and we will go to the CGC together.

 PURPLE be ready to run.  Bring light jacket/ gloves and hat.

1st year greenies: be ready to run
2nd year greenies; be ready to run AND bring your ski boots for activity with blue squad

Saturday:  NO SQUAD.

Upcoming Next Week:

Tuesday Oct 15th:  ALL SQUADS are starting Tuesday Session!

Wednesday 16th:  Wed sessions are starting from 5:30-6:30

Thursday Oct 17th:  Upon reflection, we decided to postpone orange squad  Thursday practices until November.   We will let you get use to 2 sessions a week and then bump you up to three once on snow!

Saturday Oct 19th:  Snowdance Run/Challenge 11:00-12:30 (more details out next week)

Saturday Oct 26th:  Orange Squad  Camp 11:00- 3:00.  Get to know you kick off camp!